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24 Hour Service


Quincy Compressor offers the highest quality air system service in the industry. Our highly trained technicians are dedicated to offering our clients true 24 hour emergency service and customized preventative maintenance programs to keep your air compressor systems fully operational and worry free.


Maintenance Programs

Quincy QGB service technicianQuincy Compressor will evaluate your compressed air system free of charge and make recommendations on a maintenance program specifically designed for your plant. Once your company is on a customized maintenance program, we input your equipment into our computerized service department and our service manager will contact you when your equipment is due for service. You will never again have to call for preventative services or be concerned with costly down time or rental charges. Our professional staff will repair on-site, remove, repair and reinstall your equipment at any time of the day or night. Quincy Compressor offers TRUE 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE!


Condensate Removal Equipment

Compressed air condensate is considered to be hazardous waste material and can be very costly to remove because a large portion is water. An oil water separator system will automatically separate the oil from the water and collect the oil into a separate waste container for easy disposal. The water is then collected and can be safely discarded in a sanitary drain in compliance with local regulations with the added benefit of keeping our environment clean.


Factory Remanufactured Airends

  • Airends are remanufactured in Bay Minette, Alabama, with rapid turn around
  • Every airend is run tested and performance tested to ensure compliance with strict factory quality standards
  • Extended warranties are available

Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Our service department offers the highest quality air system service in the industry. We have true 24 hour emergency service to better serve our customers
  • Our factory trained technicians are qualified to service ALL MAJOR BRANDS OF AIR COMPRESSORS: Quincy, Ingersoll-Rand, Gardner Denver, Le Roi, Sullair and most other leading brands
  • Our preventative maintenance programs offer the latest in system tracking to custom fit any service time or situation. Our service manager will call you when your equipment is due for service so unscheduled down time will no longer be an issue
  • We also have a full line of standby and rental compressors and air dryers in the event of an emergency situation.


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