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Energy Saving & Environmentally Friendlier Products


Quincy Compressor is dedicated to manufacturing products that can help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by saving energy. And our patented, award-winning EQ/ Efficiency Quotient evaluates the overall efficiency of your compressed air system based on “Best Practice” solutions.



Variable Speed Compressors

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The Quincy QGV family of variable speed compressors provides the most energy efficient design across the broadest operating range. Utilizing an integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD), the Quincy QGV automatically regulates its speed to ensure compressor output matches demand.

  • 35% energy savings over conventional rotary screw compressors
  • Integrated Variable Speed Drive greatly reduces power consumption
  • Qualifies for energy efficiency rebates in some states and municipalities




Variable Capacity Control

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Quincy’s patented Power$ync technology creates a compressor that is more energy efficient in applications requiring 50% to 100% flow. When you don’t need the entire capacity of the compressor, the Power$ync quickly decreases the air flow output, saving energy.

  • 30% energy savings over conventional rotary screw compressors
  • Available on QSI models
  • Functions as a base-load and a part-load machine
Net$ync II                                      
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Quincy’s Net$ync II Conductor synchronizes your compressors output based on demand to optimize production while minimizing costs. Synchronizing compressed air output with demand ensures the system will never use more energy than is required and equalize running time. Equalizing running time and eliminating wasted energy will reduce maintenance and increase performance.

  • Centralized compressor management
  • Handles systems up to 24 compressors
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Stabilizes plant pressure




Refrigerated Air Dryers

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All of Quincy Compressor’s refrigerated air dryers use R-134a, R-404a or R-410a refrigerants, which are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as being non-ozone depleting, and offer the following environmental advantages:




Microburst Regeneration

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Quincy heated purge desiccant dryers with Microburst Regeneration provide a 50% energy savings by reducing heater “on time” and cutting purge requirements in half, which results in significant reductions in power consumption.

  • Full-load energy saver
  • Average purge only 3.5%
  • Typical 5-month ROI, depending on the size of the dryer and local power costs




Condensate Purifiers

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Quincy Condensate Purifiers use an environmentally responsible filtration process to remove hazardous contaminates, including polyglycol, from compressed air condensate. The contaminates are trapped in a disposable, lightweight filter cartridge that can be easily discarded in accordance with local regulations.




Air System Piping

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Quincy Compressor’s AIRnet extruded aluminum air piping and polymer fittings do not rust and are constructed to keep condensation out of the drop legs, providing cleaner compressed air. The AIRnet air distribution network contributes significantly to any air system’s overall efficiency by offering the following benefits:

  • Provides smooth internal pipe surfaces with no diameter reduction at fittings, minimizing friction and pressure drop and significantly reducing energy consumption
  • Utilizes airtight fittings which virtually eliminate leaks, further reducing energy costs
  • Provides consistent pressure over time, maintaining productivity, product quality and energy efficiency



No-air-loss Demand Drains

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Unlike inefficient float operated and electronic timer drains, Quincy no-air-loss demand drains will only operate when the reservoir fills up with condensation, and before any air loss can occur, which results in a substantial annual energy savings.

  • Reduces energy costs by eliminating air purge
  • No loss of line pressure
  • Allows oil recovery devices to operate at peak performance, saving energy

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