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System Audits


Audit Introduction

EQ- Energy QuotientThe audit staff at Quincy Compressor is the most experienced in the industry. It is our goal to provide a comprehensive analysis of each compressed air system and provide a set of alternative solutions to the client. We then assist in evaluating those alternatives to select that which best suits the client’s needs, financially and operationally.

Clearly defining the existing air demand and electrical power requirements allows us to project the anticipated air demand after completing the recommended modifications and the power which will be required. We believe that to be valid, an audit must record the performance of the system to allow independent verification if necessary.

Our audit method includes designing specific solutions to problem compressed air applications in the production areas as well as a complete analysis of the compressed air supply equipment and the overall system efficiency. Defining and estimating the cost of the recommended modifications allows us to provide a preliminary return on investment based for determining the viability of a system upgrade project. We offer services through the implementation of the modifications, system startup, and savings verification.


                                         Systems Approach

system auditIf your plant is like most plants, your productivity depends on compressed air. Without it, production would slow down or shut down entirely. Yet, compressed air remains one of the most neglected plant utilities, as most compressed air systems only receive attention when there is a loss of pressure or when a major piece of equipment fails.

The science affecting your compressed air system is widely misunderstood. Typically engineering is not applied to the design and operation of plant compressed air systems. The result is an inefficient compressed air system that does not adequately support production demand.

Quincy Compressor’s Auditing Service will scientifically show you why your compressed air system is not meeting production demand. And it often has nothing to do with the size of your compressed air system, or the type of compressors you are using. The results of Quincy Compressor’s Auditing Service routinely lead to major increases in plant productivity and profitability, while improving the reliability and maintainability of your compressed air system.

Quincy Compressor’s Auditing Service is not another quick fix approach to your everyday compressed air problems – it is a serious investment. Our analysis process and resulting recommendations are scientifically proven to optimize your compressed air system and maximize productivity. Proving that your compressed air system is inefficient requires simple math. Showing you where and how to improve the efficiency of your system requires the science of compressed air.

So if you’re ready for a practical, scientific approach to compressed air, schedule an audit today and apply the science of compressed air to your future.


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